Best Umbrella of 2015 with Unique Shape or Design

We all know that whether in a hot or rainy day, umbrella is the first thing we look to save our day. Here, we have gathered and listed a list of the best umbrella you can have or admire.

Most of them are not the classic or common umbrella that we usually use or have. These are unique umbrellas and you will have some fun with it. Without further ado, lets take a look at these umbrellas.

1. Rose Handle Umbrella

Rose Umbrella


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If you take a look at the picture above, you can easily guess that this rose handle umbrella is multifunction. See, when the umbrella is not in use, it can be put as an accessories for your home or office room.

The umbrella has its own case, so whenever you finished using it, simply insert it back to the case to make it look like a rose vase as you see on the image. The rose umbrella also created with strong material which can handle heavy rain, heat, or ultraviolet.

2. Wine Bottle Folding UV Umbrella

Best Umbrella


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The wine bottle umbrella is one of the best umbrella you can find in this 2015. The design is really unique and pretty. Basically, when it still on it case, it formed a wine bottle shape. Click here to see how it look like.

There are various colors available you can choose. If you have your own bar, put this umbrella between your bottles, no body will guest that it is an umbrella. So, the wine umbrella is also great to give as give to a wine lover.

3. Color Changing Umbrella

Unique umbrella

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As the name suggest, the color of this umbrella will change into rainbow type of color whenever it contact with water. You don’t need to wait until the rain pour to see it in action. Simply splash it with water to see how awesome the umbrella is when its start to perform the color changing.

What makes this more interesting is, the changing not only happen when its raining. During the cloudy day, the umbrella also give our eyes a little entertainment by changing its color to a cloudy colors.

Definitely this is one of the best umbrella you should take a look or consider to have to deal with winter.

4. Big Cap Shaped Umbrella

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The purpose of the inventor made this awkward but unique umbrella is not different with what other umbrella should deliver, to avoid the user from getting wet during rainy days, but the cap shaped umbrella add a little more guarantee to that.

This unique umbrella will avoid raindrops thats falls right from above, or raindrops that comes from the side making the users wet in more thorough than just the usual umbrella.

5. Banana Shaped Umbrella

bananaumbrella2Not even look like an umbrella until you open it and take it out from the case. We like the fact that this banana shaped umbrella not too big and not to small, so it still can fit to small bag but at the same time it can give enough protection from raindrops and UV.

There are two colors, yellow and green, that nicely representing bananas. But as you see on the image, for the green banana umbrella, the hood is yellow not green, but the case and handle are green.

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6. Middle Finger Umbrella

middlefingerumbrellaCheck it out

Would like to like to look different? Guess what? If you bring and use this middle finger umbrella, you will look very different and for some people insulting. But many will laugh too when seeing you with this umbrella.

The umbrella also equipped with quick and easy opening mechanism. The quality also outstanding. If rain is the biggest problem for your activity, the polyester material it has will block raindrops perfectly without problem.

7. Shotgun Umbrella

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There is a trigger on the handle, made to help you easily open the umbrella. Simply slowly push the trigger to open. Now imagine if you carry this shotgun umbrella and the handle standout to the public, people who see it will thing that you have a gun.

You will look danger to people who see it but you will also look so entertaining for them if they finally knew that what you carry is an umbrella not a shotgun.

8. Samurai Handle Umbrella

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Isn’t it look awesome when you bring this samurai handle umbrella in your back? Everybody will think that you some kind of ninja. But you are not, you just trying to be unique and amazing.

The handle made from strong plastic material. So, although the umbrella is long, the weight is really light. You can take this umbrella whenever you go, day and night, rain or not, just to impress people while prepare for the rain.

9. Another Samurai Type of Umbrella

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Same samurai umbrella but with different handle. Depend on what kind of handle you like, this umbrella is one of your options. There is no switch or automatic opener on the handle, so you need to open it manually.

The purpose of this umbrella is not just to block raindrops but also just for the sake of entertainment. If you would like to add a unique home accessories for your living room, this samurai umbrella is also perfect. You might want to consider to have one of this.

10. Sword Handle Umbrella

knighlyumbrella2Check it out

If you prefer to have sword handle umbrella, a more European type of blade umbrella, the sword handle umbrella is perfect for you. This umbrella is being around for years, you might already knew about this one, but its worth our time to list it here since plenty of people still don’t know that this kind of awesome and unique umbrella is exist.

Not only great in design, it also equipped with automatic opener with 41 inches of long, so this is a really long umbrella. It can cover up to two persons during the rain.

11. Umbrella with LED Flashlight Stick

lightumbrellaCheck it out!

Both the handle and the stick will shine during the day and especially on the night. This umbrella can be a really live saver too. Many pedestrian crashed by cars during night because of there was no sufficient light around them, making hard for the driver to notice.

With this LED light on your umbrella, driver will easily noticed you and will avoid you from getting hit. Click for more details here.

12. Rifle UmbrellarifleumbrellaCheck it out!

If you love shotgun umbrella, you will love rifle umbrella. The uniqueness of this umbrella is again spotted on its handle. There also the trigger there which when you click it, the umbrella will open up automatically.

A good gift for grandpa? Sure it is. Check the price of this umbrella here.

13. Pet Umbrella

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Yes it exist. Not only human, pet also need protection from UV or raindrops. So this pet umbrella exist for the sake of pet, especially dog. Considering to have one? Check this out!

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