15 Useful Gadgets To Deal With Cold Winter and Snowy Days

Most of these gadgets will help you to get warm during cold days, that way you can still comfortable doing your outdoor activities, office work, and home activities.

1. USB Heated Shawl and Lap Blanket

USB Heating Shawl Blanket













Amazing blanket you can use to cover your body during your working session. Just plug the cable into your computer USB to make it warm.
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2. Infrared Wooden Foot Sauna

Infrared Wooden Foot Sauna

It helps your tired cold foot to get a warm relaxation. During winter or snowy days, this foot sauna will really comforting.
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3. Star Wars Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

Star Wars Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

Sometimes sleeping bed is not just enough to warm yourself during cold days, so this unique sleeping bag can be your body warmer alternative.
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4. Pac-Man Fleece Blanket

Pac-Man Fleece Blanket

Sometimes you need to work or play till late on the night, and in winter days, it will not be awesome if you left your body turn to cold. The Pac Man blanket might help you a lot to warm yourself up.
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5. Electric Snow Thrower

Electric Snow Thrower

Instead of shove the snow hell out , it will be much easier to just throw them.
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6. Heated Socks

Heated Socks

Warm your toes all day long on rainy or snowy days. Very useful for pedestrian or vehicle operator that need to deal with cold weather.
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7. Hot Boots

Hot Boots

If you prefer boots rather than socks, this might work for you as well, but this hot boots are for indoor usage only.
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8. Minecraft Light-Up Torch

Minecraft Light-Up Torch

In case you lost power, this silly torch will be really helpful to use as the source of light.
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9. No Slip Ice Carpet

No Slip Ice Carpet

If you want keep your family safe from the risks of being hurt caused by slippery walkaways and stairs, the No Slip Ice Carpet is very useful to avoid that.
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10. Foot Warmer Heated Mat

Foot Warmer Heated Mat

Put this warmer mat at your door step to melt the ice or snow, or put it inside your door or under your feet to make it work in giving warm effect to your foot, toes, and leg.
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11. Fireplace Starter

Color-Changing Fireplace Color Cones

If you need to light up your fireplace with ease, throw these pine cones into your fireplace and start the fire. The unique thing that will happen next is, the pines will create warm and colorful blue and red flames.
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12. Outdoor Fire Starter Kit

Strike Fire Starter

In case you are outside and need to make some fire very quickly, this little fire starter kit will be save your day.
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13. BeardSki Protector Ski Mask

BeardSki Protector Ski Mask

In case you want to play ski, this ski mask shall protect your eyes, chin, mouth, and neck perfectly from snowflakes.
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14. Solo Coffee Maker with Neoprene Cover

Solo Coffee Maker with Neoprene Cover

It is always good to sip cups of hot coffee during winter or rainy season. Now you can make your coffee brewing process fast, easy, and elegant by carrying this solo coffee maker.
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15. Winter Day Survival Kit

Winter Severe Weather Travel Kit

Last but not the least, a pack bag of survival kit is better than nothing. This following kit includes foldable snow shovel, really handy to handle stubborn and unwanted snow stack.
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